This section introduces the tools we have developed. The analogy game is a tool that has been developed under the guidance of Professor Ohsawa, who was a supervisor while pursuing a Ph.D. Its design is based on the idea that analogical thinking will encourage the novel idea to jump from the original concept (base) to a new idea (target). What matters here is what defines the similarities between the base and the target. Bamboo dragonflies and planets share a similar structure that rotates around the center point, and only humans can analogize planets from bamboo dragonflies. Such an ability of human thinking is what an analogy game focuses on.
 KotoFactory is similar to the analogy game. The difference is that KotoFactory designs new products, services, or even stories behind them on the screen, providing the workspace where participants consider if and how the application, function, and structure of the given product A can apply to those of product B. This idea came from my own experience having worked at the manufacturer. The employees there were thinking about technology only for the company’s products, for me, it seemed that such technology could make a great transformation and be made the most of in another industry (e.g. entertainment industry).
In addition, there are several more tools such as questionnaires. They require passwords, so if you are interested, feel free to contact our laboratory (

Analogy Game

Version A as a case of bearing company
Version B as a case of Facebook/IKEA/STARBACKS/HIS
Version C as a case of two different products


Portal site with following versions :
Room 0a as ex-version with vending machine and tablet in English
Room 0b as ex-version with vending machine and private learning school in Japanese
Room 0c as ex-version with RAKUTEN and private learning school in Japanese
Room 1 as ex-version with Mont-saint-Michel and Commercial vehicles in Japanese
Room 2 as ex-version with vending machine and tablet in Japanese
Room 3 as new version with vending machine and cram school in English
Room 4 as new version with wearable devices and Olympic in Japanese
Room 5 as new version with innovation factors and expert domains in Japanese

iEnquete for learning from failure

iEnquete for SDGs

Eye tracking

To be downloaded the files that will be shared in due courses

Fastest Finger First

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